A Church on a Mission

We believe that all people matter to God. Jesus was sent to reconcile a lost world and we are called today to join Him in showing everyone God’s faith, hope, and love. We are here because Jesus Christ has changed our lives and we know the difference that He can make in others’ lives.

We are on a mission to transform lives.

What makes Lord of Life different?

We like to think of ourselves as an extended family. Come as you are!

Our congregation is made up of imperfect people saved by God's amazing grace from age 0 to 99. We love to worship together on Sundays, but there's more! We like to come together whenever possible, whether that is with a small group, a volunteer opportunity, or one of our many events that we host throughout the year.

We truly enjoy each other, celebrating our differences and unity in our redeeming savior.

We choose to live boldly and put our faith into action.

We care about the sick, the broken, the poor, and those far from Jesus Christ and we challenge ourselves to put God’s love into action by being His hands and feet. In order to truly live out this mission, we are called to reach out in loving service to meet the needs of those in our congregation, community, and beyond.

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We are rooted in the community.

Our building acts as a community center with our church at the core.

Our mission has always been to be a place of peace, a blessing to our community and a congregation full of joy.

We know first-hand what a relationship with Jesus Christ can bring and we want to spread the good news to the Northwestern metro and beyond!

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