Wondering how your financial gifts have helped transform lives at and through Lord of Life? Read on!

Did you know Lord of Life is open 80+ hours per week? You may drive by other churches and notice they’re only open for worship on the weekend. So….where do people go when they are in need of a listening ear or a loving heart during the week? They come to Lord of Life. Recently a young mother, distraught over her cancer diagnosis, stopped in to Lord of Life in tears because she didn’t know where else to go. Pastor David listened to her, prayed with her, had a team lay hands on her to pray over her, and offered her comfort and ongoing support. And it’s your stewardship dollars, your faithful contributions, that keep caring pastors at Lord of Life to minister to the broken, to be that listening ear and loving heart when those in need don’t know where else to go. Thanks be to God for your generosity and for our loving pastors!

Did you know….nearly 600 people came to Lord of Life for the Family Promise “Hotdish for Homelessness” fundraiser with Garrison Keillor Thursday evening. Our multi-congregation planning team knew right away that Lord of Life had the space, the capacity, the volunteers, and the passion to make the event the most successful Family Promise fundraiser to date. Your stewardship gifts provide for our facilities that in turn helped raise over $60,000 for Family Promise. All glory to God for your generous giving, love of our neighbors, and the impactful difference you make in our community!
Did you know Lord of Life serves over 40 seventh, eighth and ninth grade kids from our community through confirmation? On Sundays you may see a handful of young people, but on Wednesdays, the building is abuzz with laughter in large group with Pastor Amy, then deep discussions with their small groups about life choices, priorities, who is God, what it means to be a Christian in 2017…and more. Many parents and grandparents want their teens to know and follow God, so they send them to Lord of Life for confirmation. Many churches have downsized their youth programming or have shifted to only social or topical discussions. Lord of Life is committed to educating the youth of today, who then become the community and church leaders of tomorrow. And it’s your stewardship dollars, your faithful financial support of this church, that make this possible.

Did you know summertime at Lord of Life is ALL ABOUT KIDS! This is the place to be! Why do kids come to Lord of Life? Kids are looking for fun activities, friendships and new experiences. Families rely on Lord of Life to provide a safe and supportive community. We make it our goal at Lord of Life to be a place where the Bible comes alive – where kids experience acceptance, love and grace. We want kids to meet Jesus here! VBS Sports and Creative Arts Camp hosted 135 kids and over 50 volunteers. Music Camp drew 42 students and 15 volunteers. Kids from all over our community make this the place to celebrate summer! And it is your stewardship dollars that support the Kids Ministry staff and all their programming so Lord of Life can provide kids the opportunity to meet Jesus here at Lord of Life!

Did you know that Stitch Study and Share has been in existence since 2005? That is twelve years!! Because of our vision, we have desired to touch another's life with a visible token of love. We have given hundreds of baby quilts to crisis nurseries and agencies that serve women and children. We have given hundreds of prayer quilts to people who are ill or need our love and prayers. We have given many Baptism quilts to children and adults as a remembrance of that special event.
Lord of Life has provided the space and availability for our twice a month sewing days where we sew our special quilts. Even more, Lord of Life staff and members always are supportive of our ministry through their words and actions. It is your stewardship dollars that provide funds for this space and for this staff in order to support this important ministry and ‘blanket people in prayer’ all around the world. Thanks be to God for this generous congregation!

Did you know that Monday through Friday, bright and early, the doors of Lord of Life are open for our walking group? From 8:00-9:00 am, members and non-members gather to exercise together, walking throughout our 66,000 square foot building, to stay fit and healthy in a safe environment! Afterwards, walkers gather in the library for coffee, treats and good conversation. Everyone is welcome, so join them anytime! Know that it’s your stewardship dollars that provide this safe and available space for this health-focused ministry!
Did you know….Alcoholics Anonymous has been meeting at Lord of Life for over 20 years….every week for over an hour….15-20 people every time. That means there have been over 1,500 hours of people on our campus to get help and support for their addiction. Lord of Life doesn’t charge AA a rental fee for these meetings because of our commitment to addiction recovery. It is your contributions that help keep our facilities open for people in need and help make our community a better place to live. Thanks be to God!