Sundays are a time of celebration!

Christ died so in Him we can live! Come celebrate this message of hope with us each Sunday. Lord of Life aims to create an atmosphere where all people, no matter your age or background, can exalt God's name through passionate praise and worship. We have both a traditional and contemporary service on Sundays and encourage you to check out both to find out which fits your worship style best. After a time of singing and praise, you will enjoy a message drawn straight from God's Word and made relevant and useful to your life today. 

So come as you are, we are happy to welcome you with open arms as we glorify our great God!

Child care is available at both services for your convenience. Read more about the services below.

Missed last week's sermon?


Please note: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we will not be meeting in person for Worship until further notice. Check out our Facebook page to live stream our service on Sundays at 9:30 am or visit our media library to watch past sermons.

Blended Traditional Service

Worship Center - 9:00 am

No one brings freshness and new life to longtime favorites like Worship Leader Bruce Phelps. Join our Lord of Life singers, Proclaim! Bell Choir, and inspired instrumentalists in singing the Lord’s Song. Eat at the Table of Jesus (when we say “all are invited” we mean ALL).  Be sent forth into a new week refreshed by a bible-based message from our pastors that really connects with the challenges and longings of our life together today.

Contemporary Service

Community Life Center - 10:30 am

Worship Leader Brad Kletzin and band are devoted to joining together today’s pop and rock beats with God’s enduring word and grace. Not overly scripted, but authentic, the focus is always to praise our Lord, love our neighbor, and sing God’s grace “from the rooftops.” You can count on our pastors to bring God’s Story to our daily walk and to proclaim the comfort and confidence of God going with us into a new week.  Like our blended service, inclusive welcome of all ages is not only spoken but experienced.