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Reformation 500

500 years! October 31, 2017 will mark 500 years since the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation, spurred by Martin Luther’s posting of the Ninety-Five Theses. Having become incensed at the Church’s practice of the selling of indulgences (documents providing for God’s forgiveness of a loved one’s sins); he wrote theses or sentences to debate the topic. He stirred up a hornet’s nest in the church and began the Reformation.

So, what is at the heart of the tradition we celebrate and get to share today? The Lutheran World Federation has identified three themes of both our looking back and our looking forward. We will explore these themes during Sunday morning worship in August:

August 13  -  “Salvation - Not for Sale”

We look back to reclaim God’s free gift of grace. Be we also lean forward and say “No!” to any temptation to sell salvation with promises of wealth and success.

August 20  -  “Human Beings - Not for Sale”

Every person is created in God’s own image. We lean forward to stand against racism, sex trafficking, and whatever demeans God’s beloved children.

August 27  -  “Creation - Not for Sale”

In 1517, the reformers did not know that humans could destroy God’s creation. We lean forward to protect the earth and all its creatures even though that calling seems impossible.

You are invited to much more on Reformation Weekend, October 28-29:

October 28  -  4:00 pm Reformation Celebration Worship, Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis

ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, preaching

National Lutheran Choir and local church choirs participating

October 29  -  9:00 & 10:30 am Lord of Life Musical Celebration with organ and the Up North Brass

October 29 - "At the Movies with PD"

Come watch Rick Steves’ "Luther & The Reformation"….a one hour video presentation with discussion following starting at 4:00 pm in the LOL Worship Center. Popcorn served!