Why Church? What's Next:

11-10-21 Update

We’ve completed our focus group gatherings and Vision Casting Team retreat. All of the ideas and dreams that were brought forward from 109 participants is still up on the wall in room N-210. 

You may wonder about the red and yellow dots that are by a number of the ideas. They were a part of the discernment process. Red dots indicate items that were most compelling to our discernment and yellow dots next compelling. We know that out of the box, our 2022 vision and action plan cannot embrace all ideas. We will be putting forth the red and yellow dot items as those ideas of mission and ministry renewal that we want to go after first and pursue to the best of our abilities. The remainder of ideas will again be retained by our ministry teams for future exploration and implementation.

You will also want to know that there are many ideas that were brought forward that we can easily embrace right now. Examples include: 2 lines for coffee on Sunday morning (done!), Sunday morning greetings by your pastor at the curb (done!), and transition from the Information Desk to a more mobile welcome area (in process!).

The next step is the preparation and presentation of the 2022 Vision and Action Plan to our Council at the December 13 Council Meeting at 7:30 pm. You are invited! Coffee and dessert will be served, and your engagement would continue to enhance this process. I look forward to seeing you there and am so appreciative of your prayers and support of our Why Church? initiative.

Team Contact Information

Carolyn Hardle (chair)



Cindy Shaw



Dave Fredrick



Marcy Stulc



Cathy Maksimenko

Pastor David


Bruce Phelps


Elaine Johnson


Grant Brockhouse